Durham Freemasons

Whence Came We.
The development and Freemasonry covers three phases. Firstly, the emergence of organised lodges of operative or working stone masons during the middle ages. Then came the admission of lay members into operative lodges as “accepted” or speculative masons. The final phase is the evolution of purely private or speculative lodges and the emergence of Grand Lodges to govern them.Durham Freemasons
The first Grand Lodge was formed on St. John the Baptist’s day, 24 June 1717, when four lodges held an assembly at the Goose and Gridiron, in St. Paul’s Churchyard in London to form a Grand Lodge for the area of ‘London and Westminster’ – a total of three square miles. They agreed to meet quarterly for the transaction of Masonic business, and at an annual assembly to elect the next Grand Master.
At this stage, it did not claim any jurisdiction over Lodges outside London and Westminster. The first three years of the new Grand Lodge were quiet ones, but after that there was a spate of activity. By 1725 there are 64 Lodges affiliated to it and more were joining each year.
The Marquis of Granby Lodge is the oldest Lodge that meets in Durham City. Its oldest record, so far discovered, is contained in the first Minute Book of the Lodge and is dated 24th June, 1738. The extraordinary thing about this first Minute is that it appears to confirm a previous meeting. At this stage it was an independent private or speculative lodge with no formal connection with a Grand Lodge. It did, however, undertake regular contact with other private lodges in Newcastle, Sunderland and Gateshead and Darlington.
In time, many of these local private Lodges joined the Grand Lodge in London. This Durham Lodge resisted the temptation until 08 September 1763 when it enrolled and was formally named ‘Marquis of Granby Lodge No.304’ in acknowledgment to the hotel where it held its meetings. This Lodge number has been changed 7 times and is today No.124.
As with many other Lodges of the day, this Lodge held their meetings in private rooms in various Inns, Ale Houses and Hotels. Brethren were anxious to obtain an appropriate Lodge room in the City for themselves. In 1741 a new building was being erected in Dun Cow Lane (next to Durham Cathedral) for use as the house for Bro. John Horseman and an arrangement was made to have a portion of it set apart as a Lodge Room.

On 2nd February 1742, the Brethren went in procession and Levelled the Foundation Stone in the South East Corner of a new Building intended for a Lodge room and at the same time they drank to the King and the Craft with joyful acclamations. Despite the flourish of trumpets, “joyful acclamations,” and “Inscription engraved on Lead” and for reasons not explained, the Lodge did not meet in this location until 1768, but continued to assemble regularly at the ” Bird and Bush” in Sadler Street, until 1762 and then at the “Marquis of Granby” Inn in Sadler Street until 02nd August 1768 except for odd meetings at the “Shoulder of Mutton” and the “Sign of the Fox” both in Claypath.
In 1798 a committee was formed to consider a suitable place for the lodge. Some years elapsed however before consideration could be translated into action.
Is was on 09th October 1810 that land at the riverside end of Chapel Passage (near to the Royal County Hotel) was offered by Bro. Thomas Richardby and accepted by the lodge. On 25th October 1810, a Provincial Grand Lodge was opened and completed laying the Foundation Stone of the new masonic hall. Bro. Christopher Ebdon was the architect and Bro. Thomas Richardson was appointed builder, his being the lowest estimate of £315-2s-2p. This new lodge was dedicated and opened on 09th. May 1811 by a Provincial Grand Lodge specifically held for that purpose. This was the first specifically planned masonic hall in Durham City.Old Elvet Masonic
By about 1860 the building was found to be too small to accommodate the number of masons attending Lodge meetings. As a result, a committee was appointed who reported on 07th. November 1865 that alteration of their present building would be too expensive and that the walls would not bear the weight of a new roof. A number of possible other sites were therefore examined but found unsuitable. No further progress was made until 23rd June 1868 when the committee reported to the Lodge that a site has been found and which the committee strongly recommends to purchase. It further recommended that Bro. Ebdy be appointed the architect. The site referred to is present site No. 36 Old Elvet.
On 22nd.December 1868, the foundation stone was laid by Bro. W.A.Malcolm, the Worshipful Master. The Durham County Advertiser of 25th December 1868 gives a lengthy description of the proceedings. The procession, clothed in full masonic costume and white kid gloves was led by the band of the second or North Durham Militia.
Until 1925 the Marquis of Granby Lodge had sole responsibility for the building and its contents. In 1925 this responsibility was entrusted to representatives of the various masonic organisations that now meet in the Hall.


Durham Masonic Hall

Craft Lodges:

Marquis of Granby Lodge No. 124
Meeting: 1st Tuesday- Mar to Dec (Ex July)/Installation: Jan.
Dress Code: Normal
Contact: granby146@hotmail.co.uk

Lambton Lodge No. 375
Meeting: 2nd Friday- Oct, Nov (I), Mar, May.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit (Festive Board by invitation only).
Contact: home@godfreybrian.co.uk

Norman Lodge No. 1334
Meeting: 3rd Wednesday-Sep to June/Installation: Jan.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: secretary@normanlodge.org.uk

Universities Lodge No. 2352
Meeting: 2nd Thursday: Sep, 3rd Thursday: Oct (I), Jan, Mar, May, June.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit.
Contact: Clinton.leeks@btinternet.com

City Lodge No. 3568
Meeting: 2nd Thursday-Jan, Feb(I), Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Dec.
Dress Code: Normal.

Durham Lodge of Installed Masters, No. 4441
Meeting: 4th Wednesday: Oct, Feb (I)/1st Wednesday: May, July.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit.
Contact: john@cauldwells.co.uk

Bede College Lodge No. 4840
Meeting: 4th Friday: Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar, May (I), June.
Dress Code: Normal.

Elvet Lodge No.5631
Meeting: 3rd Tuesday: Oct-May (I).
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: pbdebenham@aol.com

Flambard Lodge No. 6874
Meeting: 4th Monday: Sep, Oct (I), Nov, Jan, Mar, Apr, June.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: flambardlodge@hotmail.com

Agricola Lodge No. 7741
Meeting: 3rd Friday: Oct, Nov (I), Jan to Apr.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit.

Old Dunelmian Lodge No. 8100
Meeting: 2nd Friday: Sep, Dec, Jan, Apr,/3rd Friday: May/ 2nd Friday: July (I).
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit.
Contact: j.f.liddle@btinternet.com

Sanctuary Lodge No. 8613
Meeting: 2nd Monday: Sep, Oct, Feb (I), Mar, Apr, May.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: les.dean2@btinternet.com

Johnstonian Lodge No. 9301
Meeting: 1st Mon: Nov (I), 4th Thursday: Jan, Apr, June.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: normanalderson@sky.com

Service above Self Lodge No. 9537
Meeting: 1st Monday: Sep, Dec, Apr, July (I).
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: w.coward@ntlworld.com

Hammurabi Lodge No.9606
Meeting: 3rd Monday: Oct (I), Dec, Feb, Apr.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: hammurabilodge@gmail.com

St. Cecilia Lodge No. 9685
Meeting: 4th Wednesday: Sep, Nov (I), Jan, Mar, May.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: bill@billwatsonband.co.uk
Royal Arch

Chapter of Concord Royal Arch Masons No. 124
Meeting: Last Tuesday: Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar, May (I).
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: bev-jean@talktalk.net

Lambton Chapter of Royal Arch Masons No. 375
Meeting: 2nd Friday: Feb (I), Aug.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit (Festive Board by invitation only).
Contact: essenkay@btinternet.com

Norman Chapter of Royal Arch Masons No. 1334
Meeting: 2nd Wednesday: Sep (I), Nov, Dec, Mar, May
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: normanchapter1334@gmail.com

Universities Chapter of Royal Arch Masons No.2352
Meeting: 1st Wednesday: Oct. Dec, Mar (I)/3rd Sat June.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit.
Contact: philiptwizell@dunelm.org.uk

City Chapter of Royal Arch Masons No. 3568
Meeting: 3rd Thursday: Sep, Nov, Feb (I), Apr.
Dress Code: Normal.

Old Dunelmian Chapter of Royal Arch Masons No. 8100
Meeting: 4th Friday: Feb (I)/3rd Friday: June.
Dress Code: Black Tie/Evening Suit.
Contact: steviemacham@hotmail.co.uk

Mark Master Masons

Dunelm Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 356
Meeting: 4th Thursday: Feb (I), Mar, May, Sep, Oct, Nov
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: R. S. Hodgson:

Royal Ark Mariners

Dunelm Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 356
Meeting: 2nd Wednesday: Feb, Apr, June, Oct (I).
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact:nnew contact coming soon

Rose Croix

Venerable Bede Chapter No. 305
Meeting: 1st Wednesday: June (Enth), Sep, Nov.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: J. G. Hattersley: 179 Canterbury Road, Newton Hall, Durham. DH1 5NG

Knights Templar

Haliwerfolc Preceptory No. 233
Meeting: 1st Friday: Mar (I), June, Oct, Dec.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: F. L. Jones: 2 Ely Road, Newton Hall, Durham. DH1 5QQ

Durham Preceptory, Installed Preceptors No. 567
Meeting: 1st & 3rd Fifth Thursday in the year.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: L. Tinkler: 20 Thirlmere, Birtley, Chester le Street, Co. Durham. DH3 2JY

Prince Bishops Preceptory No. 589
Meeting: 1st Friday: Jan (I), May, July/3rd Friday: Sep
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: J. P. White: 132 Canterbury Road, Newton Hall, Durham. DH1 5QZ

Palatine Guards Preceptory No. 622
Meeting: 1st Tuesday: May (I) & Sep
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: P. E. Cowley: 27 Windsor Road, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS5 6DS

Knights Templar Priests
Venerable Bede Knights Templar Priests No. 155
Meeting: Monday: Feb, June & Oct (I).
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: P. G. Dunn: 67 Lowhills Road, Peterlee, Co. Durham. SR8 2DJ

Order of the Secret Monitor

Dunelm Conclave
Meeting: 1st Friday: Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov (I).
Dress Code: Normal
Contact: A. Swainson: 41 Oakdene Road, Fishburn, Stockton on Tees, TS21 4EQ  Email: alanswainson.41@gmail.com

The Ancient & Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord

Perfect Seven Consistory TI No. 38
Meeting: 4th Tuesday: Feb (I) & June/3rd Monday: November.
Dress Code: Normal.
Contact: T. Urwin. Address to be updated
Email: urwintomed1@sky.com

The Royal Order of Scotland

Royal Order of Scotland (Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham)
Meeting: 4th Saturday: Feb/ 3rd Monday: June & Sep/2nd Monday: Dec.
Dress Code: Traditional Scottish Attire
Contact: D. Armstrong: 25 Bolton Close, Newton Hall, Durham. DH1 5PH
Email: amza2525@hotmail.com